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Bell Honey

Pure wildflower Honey 24oz pint jar with comb

Pure wildflower Honey 24oz pint jar with comb

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Comb Honey Pint. 100% pure raw unfiltered wildflower honey with honeycomb. Chunk honey is raw honeycomb straight from the beehive, covered in raw liquid honey. We harvest a chunk of pure raw comb directly from the hive and immerse it in Spring honey. The delicate wax can be eaten – spread on toast, biscuits, fruit, sandwiches – or eat it plain, as a wholesome candy.

We strive to provide honey as close to its natural state as possible. Pure raw honey will crystallize over time. This process can take a month or up to a year depending on the conditions it is stored in. Crystallization is not a sign of poor quality, in fact it is proof that you have a very high quality product. Crystallization in no way affects the nutritional or usable value of the honey. If you prefer to return your honey to it's liquid state, it's easy to do. Just fill a bowl or pot with hot water and set the bottle in it and allow it to sit until the honey returns to its liquid state. Replacing the cooling water with hot as needed. Do NOT microwave or add water to the honey.


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