About Us

Honey is one of the tastiest and most precious products of nature. Hard-working bees create it, and talented beekeepers harvest it. It takes a carefully curated relationship between human and insect to craft the smooth and sweet additive we all love. This level of collaboration is truly one to behold. At Bell Honey, we pride ourselves on only employing sustainable beekeeping practices in the development of our versatile raw wildflower honey. As honey producers, we have intimate experience working alongside bees, striving to keep them happy and healthy while they do what comes naturally to them.

We offer honey in many forms, from spreadable honey in jars to raw honeycomb to honey straws. No matter how you want your honey, we have an option for you. We’re also bulk honey suppliers, and we can handle larger orders for your restaurant or general store with ease. Experience the purest taste of nature by buying directly from a beekeeper. With each jar, you support sustainable beekeeping practices while savoring the unique flavors and health benefits of raw, unfiltered honey.

Explore our range of honey options, and rest assured that you’re buying from a honey producer committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices. Taste the difference that comes from buying directly from a beekeeper with Bell Honey.