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Bell Honey

Honey straws wildflower 50pack

Honey straws wildflower 50pack

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Savor the sweetness with our flavor-filled honey straws. Bursting with natural flavors, these convenient straws are filled with pure honey for a delightful and delicious treat on the go.

Wildflower Honey Straws work great as a quick pick-me-up snack, take-along to sweeten coffee or tea, or to give to kids as a natural alternative to candy.

• Made with Pure U.S. Grade A American Wildflower Honey
• No Artificial Colors or Ingredients

How to eat HoneyStix
How do I eat Honey Straws you ask? There are many ways to open Honey Straws, but this is our favorite:
1. Hold one end of the Straw.
2. Bite or pinch the seam.
3. The end will pop open!
4. Slide your thumb and forefinger from the bottom end of the straw toward your mouth to push out the sweet nectar inside.


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